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Window Cleaning Mistakes – 5 Big Ones to Avoid

window cleaning mistakes

A pristine window can radically transform the appearance and vibe of a home. However, achieving that crystal-clear sheen is often more challenging than it might seem with many window cleaning mistakes made along the way. 

If you’ve ever attempted to clean your windows and ended up with less than satisfactory results, you’re not alone. In fact, many homeowners unknowingly commit several window cleaning mistakes during the process.

1. Choosing the Wrong Cleaning Solutions

Many grab whatever cleaning agent is on hand, assuming that it will do the trick. However, some of these solutions can cause more harm than good. They might leave behind residues or even damage the window panes. Remember, a good cleaning solution is pivotal for that streak-free shine. 

In contrast, our team utilizes eco-friendly and effective solutions, ensuring your windows are not only clean but also protected.

2. Neglecting the Entire Window

The glass might be the most noticeable part, but a window consists of more than just that. Window frames, sills, and tracks often get overlooked, leading to mold buildup and dirt accumulation over time. 

Our cleaners always adopt a comprehensive approach, ensuring every part of your window is as spotless as the glass pane itself.

high windows3. Window Cleaning Mistakes During the Peak Sun Hours

While the Sunshine Coast lives up to its name with plenty of glorious sun, it’s not always your ally when cleaning windows.

Sunlight causes cleaning solutions to dry quickly, often before you’ve had a chance to wipe them off, leading to streaks and marks. 

Our team understands the local climate intricacies and plans the cleaning sessions accordingly to avoid these common window cleaning mistakes.

4. Disregarding Safety is one of the Primary Window Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning windows, especially those on higher floors, can be risky. Improper use of ladders or leaning too far out can lead to accidents. 

When you engage with our professional cleaners, you’re also investing in peace of mind. We are trained in safety protocols, ensuring that your windows are cleaned without any window cleaning mistakes.

5. The Professional Edge

While DIY endeavors can be rewarding, there’s an undeniable value in professional expertise, especially when it comes to tasks as nuanced as window cleaning. Here’s why considering a professional team, like ours, can be beneficial:

  • Efficiency: Our cleaners, armed with the right tools and solutions, can achieve better results in a shorter time frame.
  • Longevity: Proper, regular cleaning can extend the life of your windows, reducing the frequency of costly replacements or repairs.
  • Holistic Care: Beyond cleaning, our team can also spot potential issues or damages to your windows, helping you address them before they escalate.

window cleaning

While many homeowners are armed with the best intentions when cleaning their windows, these common window cleaning mistakes can often stand in the way of achieving that perfect shine. 

The Sunshine Coast, with its unique weather patterns and environment, also adds its own set of challenges. 


How to Avoid Window Cleaning Mistakes Completely

By opting for a professional touch, not only do you sidestep these pitfalls, but you also ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your windows. 

If you’re looking to transform your home’s windows without the usual hassles, and common window cleaning mistakes we’ve just outlined, our team is just a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is it important to avoid certain mistakes when cleaning windows?
Avoiding window cleaning mistakes ensures that your windows are cleaned effectively without causing damage or streaks. Proper cleaning techniques help maintain the integrity and longevity of your windows.

2. What are some common mistakes people make when cleaning windows?
Common window cleaning mistakes include using newspaper or paper towels (which can leave streaks), cleaning windows in direct sunlight (which can cause cleaning solution to dry too quickly), and using harsh chemicals that can damage glass or frames.

3. How can I prevent streaks when cleaning windows?
Use a squeegee instead of paper towels or newspapers, clean windows on a cloudy day or when they are not in direct sunlight, and use a solution of mild detergent and water.

4. Is it okay to use vinegar to clean windows?
Yes, vinegar diluted with water can be an effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution for windows. However, it’s important to properly dilute vinegar to avoid damaging glass or leaving a strong odor.

5. Should I clean windows from the inside or outside first?
It’s generally best to clean the inside of windows first, as this allows you to spot and address any streaks or smudges more easily. Then, clean the outside of the windows for a thorough finish.

6. How often should I clean my windows?
The frequency of window cleaning depends on factors such as the environment (e.g., if you live near a busy road or in an area with lots of pollen), but aiming for a thorough cleaning at least twice a year is a good starting point.

7. What tools do I need for effective window cleaning?
Essential tools include a squeegee, microfiber cloth or chamois, a bucket, mild detergent or window cleaning solution, and a scrubbing brush or sponge. Having a ladder or extension pole may also be necessary for reaching high windows.

8. Can I clean windows with just water?
While water alone can remove some dirt and grime from windows, using a mild detergent or window cleaning solution will generally provide better results, especially for tougher stains or buildup.

9. How can I avoid leaving water spots on windows?
To prevent water spots, ensure that your squeegee blade is clean and dry before each use, and wipe down the edges of the window with a dry cloth after cleaning to remove any excess water. Additionally, avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight, as this can cause water to evaporate too quickly, leaving behind spots.

10. Is it necessary to clean window screens?
Yes, cleaning window screens periodically helps maintain airflow and prevents dust and debris from accumulating on windowsills and frames. You can remove screens and gently wash them with mild detergent and water, then rinse and allow them to dry thoroughly before reinstalling.


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